Terms and Conditions

Article 1. General

In addition to the ‘My Royal FloraHolland’ General Terms and Conditions, the specific additional terms and conditions below apply to the abovementioned service.

Article 2. Description of service

a) The Insights service gives the main user access to his/her own price and transaction information at all locations of Royal FloraHolland and on Floriday and to general market information of Royal FloraHolland for his/her own business purposes. 
b) To be able to use this service, the main user must be registered with FloraHolland and must be registered as a main user on Floriday.
c) By means of an employee account, the main user can set up and determine which of his/her employees can have access to and insight into the information as described in paragraph a. of this article.

Article 3. Rate

The current rate for a subscription to this service is:

  • for members: €50.00 (in words: fifty one euros and fifty cents) per month;
  • for non-members, customers and third parties: €70.00 (in words: seventy one euros and fifty cents) per month.

All rates are exclusive of VAT.

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