Release notes


Update May 2020

  • A column with the number of pieces not sold has been added to the own statistics table.
  • The average price on the timeline in Floriday now includes clock presales.
  • In the Insights dashboard and clock report itself, a user can set whether to include or exclude clock presales.
  • The settings screen has been made clearer.
  • The buyer overview can be exported.
  • Show number of pieces per product group or product code in Market View, if there are 3 or more different growers.
  • The column headers remain when scrolling the table of products in Market View.
  • Changes to own statistics:
    • If a period of more than 5 weeks is selected, show totals per week instead of per day.
    • The total line can optionally be added to a report.
    • Average is not shown as 0 if no pieces have been traded.
  • The number of units per unit has been added to the filter options in Daily report, Product overview and Buyer overview.
  • Export CSV has been improved:
    • Decimal separator is given well depending on language.
    • Grower number added to export.
    • Presale number instead of percentage.
  • Breakdown of Buyer overview into product variants now shows each variant of a product.
  • The user menu has been enlarged to show more organizations by default.

Update April 2020

  • Buyer overview with turnover and average price per buyer.
  • Export data from dashboard and statistics.
  • Summary line of the selected product group added to the table.
  • Maximum price per product added to Market View.
  • Select different date in dashboard by clicking in the graph.
  • Dashboard is more user friendly on smartphones.

Update March 2020

  • Standard Product overview in Statistics.
  • Direct orders made in weekend are displayed correctly, weekend is clearly recognizable in the graph.
  • Extra unsold/destroyed information added to dashboard (in totals and per lot).
  • More distinctive color palette used for charts.
  • With an expired subscription you will be automatically redirected to the registration page.
  • In self created reports in statistics, the data sets in the table are shown more clearly.
  • Breakdown in Market View to all characteristics as an option.

Update February 2020

  • Added filter option on quality, product color, packaging code and country of origin in Clock report.
  • The filter in the clock report remains visible on the screen when you scroll down.
  • Styling dashboard and clock report adjusted, more legible, slightly larger fonts for features.
  • Data of (clock) corrections are now properly delivered to Insights.
  • Direct orders added to the dashboard.
  • End of auctioning is now working correctly.
  • Presale price is shown in the dashboard.
  • Management of own statistics reports has been improved.

Update January 2020

  • New version of Market View:
    • Selection of product types based on 1 or more product groups.
    • Overview with product types can be sorted and filtered.
    • Adjustable number of product types in the graph and table.
  • Dashboard also shows the number of items per transaction type and location.
  • In statistics select separately from clock, clock presale and direct.
  • In statistics when selecting from a product group with auction-wide data, now all data and not just the own products within the group are shown.
  • Easier changing and selecting suppliers.
  • Mainaccoount can delete reports from others in the organization.
  • Added FAQ link to user menu.

Update December 2019

  • The lots at the bottom of the dashboard can be sorted and filtered.
  • A Notification apears when there is no data for selected date.
  • Statistics also shows a table with data.
  • In statistics you can create a dataset with your own direct orders as a filter, to be able to compare clock and direct.
  • Data selection in market image is made more user friendly.
  • Fixed bugs when deleting report, setting a different end date of the subscription and preventing location unknown in the location overview.

Update November 2019

  • The first version of the market picture for general price formation for producers and the price index has been realised.
  • Now you always create a new name in Statistics when creating a new report.
  • The dataset name will now be shown in the mouseover in Statistics.
  • In preview for Early Access user: a dashboard with a compact batch yield overview.

Update October 2019

  • It is possible to take a guided tour of Insights via Intercom (accessible via User menu).
  • Several changes have been made to the subscription page (including a green button to sign up).
  • A timeline event has been created on Floriday, with daily turnover per location after the auction ends and a link to Insights.
  • It is possible to terminate your subscription earlier (or later).
  • Several improvements to the dashboard.

Update September 2019

  • A new dashboard has been developed with direct-sales and clock-sales turnover figures. In addition, the dashboard offers a breakdown by location and the Top-5 buyers.
  • Data from the Rhein-Maas auction is now available through Insights, too.
  • It is possible to select multiple organizations, whereby all data from the organizations is collated in visuals.
  • In the auction group overview, extra characteristics are added to the own party.
  • Reports made by yourself and reports made by others have been split.

Update August 2019

  • Insights is now available in German, too.
  • Data from the auction location in Eelde is now also available in Insights and can be viewed in the clock report and statistics, among others.

Updates July 2019

  • In the clock report, you can now filter by sorting characteristics. Also, abbreviated product names have been introduced. The average price shown now excludes withdrawal. The Y-axis in the auction group diagram now always shows € sign in two decimals.
  • If data is missing from the statistics, the line in the graph is continued between the other measurement points, making the measurement points easier to view.

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