Release notes


Update October 2023

  • Pot material and cultivation method added to the other filter options.
  • Added 'Yesterday' as an additional default time period selection to every screen.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • stability improved, much fewer unexpected logouts.

Update June 2023

  • In Market View you can now also use an index on product group, existing index on FPC group is also still available.
  • With a time period compare report, the maximum period is 1 year, choosing a period of 3 years is not allowed anymore.
  • API key in the settings is validated automatically.
  • Bug fixes
    • Apply button in filter product history works in the same way as with other screens.
    • Revenue in different report types is now equal everywhere, corrections were not always included.
    • Empty graph in product statistics report has been adjusted.

Update May 2023

  • bug fixes:
    • Adding the product group to a dataset in a custom statistics report.

Update April 2023

  • Save API key in Settings (needed for using of notifications option).
  • Sending notifications made possible, adjustable via Floriday.
  • Overview of selected organizations in the settings - subscriptions has been made clearer. The end date is shown for each number.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • When using both quality and country of origin, numbers are displayed correclty in Market View.
    • The average price was calculated incorrectly in the lot summary in Clock report, nod solt is no longer included.

Update March 2023

  • Bug Fixes:
    • With time period compare reports, days are now also shown on the x-axis instead of weeks if needed.
    • Searching in dashboard transactions.
    • Filter in Market View.

Update February 2023

  • bug fixes:
    • When adjusting subscription settings, 'update all orgs' is set to true and disabled.
    • The date is now correctly displayed, if a future subscription already exists (when migrating from basic to light).
    • In the Market View, the summary line is now the sum of the various selected product groups.

Update January 2023

  • Nationwide auction groups are now shown completely in the Daily report.
  • When adding an additional grower number, you can't change the enddate or subscription type. The number will be added to the existing subscription.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The location filter also had an effect in the drilldown on features in the Market View

Update December 2022

  • Auction group added as a filter option to datasets for custom reports.
  • The free trial period in the registration screen is not shown if another number from the same holding company has already had a subscription.
  • When a 4th (or higher) number is added, it will be reported that an additional amount will be charged.
  • The Weekly Revenue report is now called Revenue report, it is also possible to make a breakdown by month or period.
  • When setting default companies, both the number and the name are now shown.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Popup is always clearly visible in the Daily report.

Update November 2022

  • 'Does not apply' has been added to the filter for location, for all orders that are not directly linked to an auction location.
  • The Insights Light version is now available for all users.
  • bug fixes:
    • The standard order in MarketView is sorted by productname.
    • Presale price and number of pieces are displayed correctly on mobile devices.

Update September 2022

  • A summary row has been added to a number of widgets in the Dashboard screen.
  • An average price for the entire auction group has been added to an auction group overview in the Daily Report.
  • In Marketview, the location can now also be set as a column, so that the average price per location is shown as a row.
  • The Clock Report for RheinMaas now shows all lots in the same auction group in the auction overview, similar to how it functions at other locations.
  • Bug fixes
    • Missing important features in the marketview are now better handled.
    • The buyer report can handle Plantion buyers without a RFH customer number

Update August 2022

  • The Daily report always uses a fixed color for each location.
  • A setting has been added to choose whether the short default VBN product name or a long description should be used. Short name is the same for every language, long name differs. The short name is the default.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The issue with using default selected organizations.
    • Sorting clock games in the dashboard now works properly.
    • The filter in the Handling section no longer depends on the selected supplier.

Update July 2022

  • In the buyers report, the market share per buyer has been added.
  • The number of pieces is added to the popup in the graph of the Marketview.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Sorting by product name also works when catalog name is used.
    • Total number of buyers in dashboard is also visible during auctioning.
    • In the buyer report, product summary is also shown correctly if main sorting is missing.

Update June 2022

  • A predefined period can be selected on the handling page.
  • The daily report shows the total number of items for the entire auction group.
  • Shown active filter values are scrollable if there are more than 5 values selected.
  • In Market View, products that are only directly traded by fewer than 3 growers are no longer shown.
  • Logging of error screens improved so that an analysis can be done faster for issues.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Buyer overview in dashboard now also shows the direct number of pieces bought.
    • Fixed filter in the dashboard transaction widget.

Update May 2022

  • Daily report works faster, because own lot photos are loaded in small format.
  • With the market view filter, a filter adjustment can also be saved without a mandatory product or product group selection.
  • Showing a lot photo in the popup of the auction group overview can optionally also be turned off.
  • Bug Fix:
    • The total in the product history report is again in line with the sum of the individual products.

Update April 2022

  • Your position as a percentage has been added to the auction order report.
  • Improved position of popup in auction group for smartphone use.
  • A limit has been added in the daily report to be able to look back for a maximum of 1 month.
  • Bug fixes:
    • buyer name for Plantion buyers is displayed again.

Update March 2022

  • In preview: show photo for every lot in the clock report.
  • When using a custom report, the pieces hare has been added in the table.
  • Handling section: option to choose a date range.
  • bug fixes:
    • No more overlap of buyer names in dashboard when using smarthpone.
    • Week number is now displayed correctly when using a custom report.
    • Week report export is no longer empty in specific situations.
    • Total in product report now equals total in dashboard.

Update February 2022

  • Timeouts in Insights are now clearly displayed.
  • In product history, presale is also included in auction-wide.
  • bug fixes:
    • Columns in dashboard are displayed correctly with attributes.
    • Fix in Market view for correct display of number auctioned and direct sold.

Update January 2022

  • For agents, the grower overview can now be sorted.
  • The grower number has been added as an filter option when creating datasets for custom reports.
  • Settings for number of displayed lines on widgets has been adjusted and scrollbar use has been improved.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Settings for widgets in dashboard are saved and used immediately.
    • With the auction position report, correction times are no longer used.

Update December 2021

  • New report type (Auction position) available in the Statistics section, to see your auction position in the auction group for a longer time period.
  • Removing a filter in Clock Report has been made easier.

Update November 2021

  • Printing the Market View is easier without a separate setting, behaviour is not influenced by the scrollbar.
  • Dashboard performance has been improved.
  • Better scaling smartphone usage for date time picker icon on every page and download button and search input field in the Market View.
  • Bug Fixes
    • In the auction position report, the filtering by auction group now works correctly (Early Access feature).
    • Not sold numbers are equal in different pages.
    • Sorting by characteristics in the Dashboard works correctly.


Update October 2021

  • Added new widgets to the dashboard with a product and product group summary.
  • A filter option on auction group has been added to the Market View.
  • The service code can be added optionally to the batch overview in the dashboard.
  • Bug fixes
    • Corrections are always properly displayed in the dashboard, even if there is only a counter entry.
    • Improved column alignment in product report.

Update August 2021

  • In Market view, bookmarks can be created for using different filter combinations.
  • Graphs in every report in Statistics can be hidden with a special setting.
  • In user settings - colleagues the main user can change the available functions for other users.
  • Settings option added at with choice for presale in % or pieces.
  • The order of datasets can be adjusted in your custom reports.
  • With cultivation registration the number of pieces in the graphic mousover.
  • Week number added in export for some statistic reports.
  • Auction time added to the lot overview in the dashboard.
  • The buyer number, highest and lowest price has been added to the buyer report.
  • When creating a dataset in custom reports a filter option is added for buyer or day of the week.
  • A self-selected deviating sorting is automatically stored in the dashboard.
  • In Market view only direct sold products are also shown.
  • Usage on smartphones has been improved:
    • The date from and to are now always on top of each other
    • Using filters in self-compiled reports
  • Other fixes:
    • In the market view, product groups are no longer shown twice.
    • Login problem with no selected organizations has been resolved.
    • Some incorrectly translated descriptions are added.
    • For Rhein-Maas, counting buyers in the clock report works.
    • Rhein-Maas numbers in the market view are exported correctly.


Update July 2021

  • With custom reports, the pieces % is shown, if a summary row is used.
  • The overview of datasets in self-created reports can be sorted for each column.
  • Filter behavior for selecting product groups and product codes now works everywhere as in market view.
  • Bug fixes
    • In the dashboard, a correction is not counted twice in the total in the turnover chart.
    • In the clock report, the average price is calculated equally everywhere if the presale price is included.

Update June 2021

  • You can choose your own color for datasets in the statistics custom reports and cultivation overviews.
  • Plantion direct orders are visible if they are created in Floriday.
  • A new statistic report is available, Product History. This makes it easy for each product to compare its own and auction-wide turnover, average price and numbers per year with the 2 previous years in one overview.. 
  • With custom reports using datasets, it is now possible to set an overview to be shown per day instead of per week.
  • In dashboard mouseover, the total turnover and pieces are also shown for each date.
  • Mobile display of product report has been improved, auction price and units are always displayed.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Only the owner of a report can customize the sharing option.
    • The download of the product report always contains all average prices.
    • The yellow error screen is only displayed when necessary.
    • When the yellow screen appears, you will automatically proceed to the Dashboard.
    • With your statistics custom report, Monday is no longer shown as a gray column.

Update May 2021

  • Plantion data has been added. The transactions become visible in Insights every day after the end of the auction.
  • The graphs in statistics have been given a 2nd Y-axis, so that both average price and number of pieces are shown.
  • Market view is sorted in descending order with a breakdown by characteristics.
  • When your subscription is about to expire, you will receive a reminder message.
  • Market view settings are improved, optional columns are always visible.
  • The filter in Marketview has been improved, it is easier to select different products or groups.
  • The number of pieces not sold per location has been added to the dashboard.
  • For showing direct number of pieces in Marketview, the setting is used which date to use (order, delivery of exptected invoice date).
  • The number of pieces shown per product group no longer depends on the setting how many products are shown, but always shows the total number.
  • In the user menu there is now a link to instruction videos on Youtube.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Alignment in table at cultivation registration is now correct. 
    • A single buyer is no longer missing in the product overview.
    • Sorting in market image by pieces per location works.

Update April 2021

  • For Market View, the number of key characteristics shown when you click on a product has been made adjustable.
  • The optional column in the statistics product overview has been added to the export.
  • In the daily clock report, the corrections are no longer shown in the graph with all lots per auction group.
  • The button to include the main characteristic in the Market View export has been removed. If the column main characteristic is shown, it will automatically be included in the export.
  • To the Handling page, a filter option by grower has been added and an overview of sold products.
  • In the market view, a period can be chosen for the index itself. Multiple years are shown as different lines.
  • You can now really hide unused widgets from the dashboard. With the plus button at the bottom right of the screen you can add hidden widgets to your dashboard.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The default photo will always be shown for each lot in the Daily Report
    • The export in a custom report contains the correct date again.
    • The week numbering for the English language setting is now the same as for Dutch or German.
    • Index in market view always shows the current year correctly.


Update March 2021

  • A user setting is added to include presales to the auction average and pieces. This setting effects the Market View, the Daily report and the product overview in Statistics.
  • The product report in statistics can be adjusted so that instead of a list of products, a list of product groups is shown.
  • A CSV export option has been added to the revenue week report in statistics.
  • In the custom report type, for a an auction-wide dataset, you can choose to include presales.
  • A table with the data per week and the option to export this table, is added to the crop registration report.
  • The saleschannel is added to the filter of the Handling page for agents and logistics handlers.
  • An extra column in the table can be added to the statistics report with Products, with the location, sales method, quality, packaging code, service code or the number of pieces per unit.
  • The auction locationfor clock sales has been added to the overview of corrections in the dashboard.
  • A filter can be added on the settlement organization for each report type in the statistics section.
  • Naming for columns with average prices has been aligned.
  • The user menu shows more organizations if applicable.
  • Number of fixes:
    • The product widget in the dashboard shows correct catalog name.
    • Searching in the transaction widget in the dashboard works better.
    • In the Agents / Handlers page, a filter also affects the grower overview shown.
    • With Time period reports, a maximum period of 1 year can be compared.

Update February 2021

  • In the Market View you can make a breakdown per product on the 3 most important characteristics for pricing, instead of only on the main characteristic or all characteristics. This can be adjusted in the settings of the market image.
  • Quality has been added to the market picture as an extra optional column.
  • Refresh button is added to the Dashboard and the Daily Report, to quickly retrieve new data.
  • The number of pieces per m2 has been added to cultivation registration.
  • A filter by catalog name or code can be added to all statistics reports.
  • When creating a new subscription, a check is done whether payment can be made via Royal FloraHolland.
  • The number of pieces can also be added to the cumulative week overview as a column via the user settings.
  • The catalog name is included in export when used in the dashboard.
  • Organizations are sorted alphabetically.
  • The main user can decide whether other employees can use Insights via the user settings.
  • In Marketview, the quantiy per location can be added as a column via the settings.
  • With Cultivation Registration, not a% of pieces per plant is shown, but the pieces per plant.
  • The direct number of pieces is also included in the download Marketview.
  • In Daily report and in Clock summary (Floriday),% presale in pieces is shown instead of turnover.
  • Index added to buyers overview.
  • Some bugfixes:
    • The user menu is always correctly located on the right side of the screen. 
    • The previous period shows the correct weeks.
    • Product report: breakdown by product row. 
    • Marketview drilldown shows correct quantities.
    • Non-main users can adjust the date range for an existing report, without saving it.
    • Automaticaly updating a report after an adjustment of the date selection.
    • Using Color filter in statistic reports.

Update January 2021

  • Default date for reports is adjusted to last 7 days and for predefined time period this is relative by default.
  • In the marketview, 3 columns (packaging code, country of origin and main characteristic) can optionally be added to the table via the settings.
  • In the week revenue report (Statistics section) a summary block has been added with per year the revenue, pieces sold, average price and growth%.
  • The display on smartphones has been improved: the product name is always completely shown and the menus are always visible.
  • Fix: With cultivation registration, the M2 price is correctly displayed in the summary row.
  • New report type in statistics: 'Cultivation Registration', for example, a m2 yield overview can be made.
  • Annual limit in weekly turnover is now properly displayed.
  • Transaction download in dashboard has been accelerated.
  • The Handling page for agents and logistic handlers shows a summary per grower / day.
  • In custom made reports, when creating a new dataset, also direct sales are included by default.
  • Search function in dashboard has been improved.
  • The summary row in the Marketview is included in the export.
  • The previous period date selection now also works for period 13.

Update December 2020

  • New users get different default settings, based on most used.
  • New users receive 2 product overviews under statistics as standard.
  • The first API for ERP software is ready, it can request average auction prices for products that the grower has also supplied.
  • Pagination is built into a number of widgets in the dashboard to improve performance.
  • A download button has been added to the transaction block in the dashboard.
  • In custom reports, the turnover of auction-wide datasets has been added.
  • A filter by color only works on the primary product color.
  • In market view, it has been added to settings which columns are shown.
  • The filter on Market View works easier. For example, only characteristics used for to the selected product groups or products are shown.
  • A widget with all orders has been added to the dashboard. A download button will be added in the next release.
  • The Market View shows all columns on a narrow screen, on a smartphone you can view all columns by swiping.
  • The 3 grower rule is applied in the Daily Report for your market share.
  • If you are the only grower of a product, the auction number of pieces is shown in, for example, Market View.
  • Number of bug fixes:
    • Export marktetview export now correctly uses the top x or all setting.
    • Service code breakdown in product.
    • Changing a report if you are not the main user.
    • Not sold % in marketview was not always correct.
    • Not sold % and number of pieces supplied were not always correct in a custom report.
    • Error message when starting up on smartphone.

Update November 2020

  • In Market view, a summary row has been added at the top of the table. This is shown when multiple product groups have been selected.
  • The product overview in the statistics shows the auction average and the auction pieces.
  • Bugfix for download buyer report in statistics and corrections overview in the dashboard.
  • The overview of products in the Market view can be downloaded by everyone.
  • With a custom report in statistics, with a dataset with auction-wide data for 1 or more products, the auctioned number of pieces is shown.
  • In the clock report the own number of pieces and presale% per auction group is shown.
  • The login page is changed
  • Direct orders are now shown by default on the expected settlement date. This provides more connection with the daily settlement and weekly overview.
  • An overview with all corrections has been added to the dashboard.
  • Market view and dashboard are somewhat more spacious so that more columns are shown by default.
  • Three grower rule no longer looks at maximum market share.
  • Issue adjusted with Market View, data was not always visible or live.
  • Quality is added as optional column to the Clock lots overview in the Dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with case sensitive search by product (group) on smartphone.
  • Not sold % added to download in Dashboard.
  • In the Statistics product report, not sold pieces are shown when you click on a product row.
  • Total turnover and average have been added to the Dashboard.
  • Auction Direct number of pieces added to Market View (minimum 5 growers).
  • The settings have been made easier to find in a number of tables via a gear wheel.
  • Product names are better displayed on smartphones.
  • In the Daily Report the not sold number is now correctly displayed at the summary section.
  • On the dashboard you can also use the catalog name from Floriday instead of the product name.
  • Week numbers have been added to the date selection screens.
  • The reports to compare periods show the real week numbers.
  • The market picture can be correctly displayed for printing by adjusting a setting.

Update October 2020

  • The filter for clock report and statistics has been adjusted, making it easier to make multiple selections.
  • The ability to filter by buyers has been added to Statistics reports.
  • In the files to be downloaded, a number of column descriptions have been adjusted.
  • Fix when showing the report to compare periods, screen is now always displayed correctly.
  • In Marketview, a filter option has been added for cut flower, room or garden plant.
  • In Daily Report a setting is added to calculate your own average including or excluding clock presales. 
  • In Daily Report, a summary row is  added to the transaction overview.
  • When selecting periods, 28 days has been added as an option. Also the current week or month enddate is changed to up to and including the current date.
  • A download button can be added to the MarketView as a special option.
  • A special page is available for agents / logistic handlers.
  • The filters set in the Daily report is saved, so that you can easily reuse filter on a different auction date.
  • The filter options for Daily report and the standard statistic reports are more user friendly, if you check something in the filter, the filter is also immediately updated.
  • In the statistics product overview the total number of pieces for the auction is added, in addition to the average price at the auction. The number of pieces is only visible if the 3 grower rule is met.
  • There is a setting to add the clock presale number of pieces to the clock number of pieces in Marketview.
  • The registration page for a new subscription has been adjusted, with a follow-up subscription the price is more clearly indicated and the end date is always the last calendar day of a month

Update September 2020

  • The data from 2018 and early 2019 is now also available in Insights.
  • A new report is available for Statistics ('' Week Revenue "). You can see the revenue per week of this year and the 2 previous years. It is also possible to add extra filters to this report
  • In the dashboard you can determine in which order the widgets are shown, the most important one for you can be put on top. You can adjust this with navigation buttons at the top right of each widget.
  • In the product statistics the number of products shown in the graph can be set.
  • A new block has been added to the dashboard, with all sales results per product and main characteristic.
  • In Product Statistics you can choose which field you want to break down further. Besides buyer, for example on location, packaging code or quality code.
  • In the custom reports you can now create datasets with filters on color, quality, packaging code or country of origin.
  • The summaries of the selected periods have been added to the statistics to compare periods.
  • Tooltip added when creating a new Statistics report.

Update August 2020

  • The buyer overview has been moved to statistics. This makes it possible to create multiple overviews with different filters.
  • The number of buyers shown in the chart can be set in the buyer overview.
  • Filters have been added to the market image for quality, country of origin, packaging code and color.
  • Cumulative growth percentages have been added to the weekly statistics.
  • When creating a shortcut on the home screen of a smartphone, an Insights icon is created.
  • New statistics report "Time period compare": This allows multiple time periods to be compared with each other.
  • Insights dashboard is personally adjustable, you can set per block whether it should be displayed.
  • Layout reports overview improved, smaller icons and user friendly on smartphones.
  • Service code added to exports on dashboard.
  • The number of buyers shown in the product overview is adjustable.
  • The characteristic code and value have been added to the export of product overview report.
  • Exports improved in all overviews.
  • Fixed bug when selecting a period.

Update July 2020

  • Information about corrections is now also displayed in the dashboard. A red dot indicates for which order date a correction has been made.
  • The buyer overview now shows the top 5 buyers in the graph cumulatively.
  • Filtering on order status has been added in Statistics.
  • In the product overview you can make a breakdown on a characteristic.
  • In the market view, only used product groups and product codes are shown.
  • The weekly revenue overview (per week and cumulative) is in preview.

Update June 2020

  • Choice of period and year added to automatic date selection.
  • The graph in the buyer overview now also shows the number of pieces per buyer.
  • Buyer export layout also works well for product level breakdown.
  • A Plus icon has been added to the clock report to make it easier to create a filter on smaller screens.
  • In the Marketview or Statistics you can now select by default the last auction day, week or month, using the dropdown behind the date selection.
  • To make it easier to import an exported CSV into Excel, settings have been added to the user menu to change the used separators.
  • The descriptions of characteristics are now also multilingual.
  • The settings page has been modified with several different tabs.
  • The active filters at the top of the screen have been added to the product overview.

Update May 2020

  • A column with the number of pieces not sold has been added to the own statistics table.
  • The average price on the timeline in Floriday now includes clock presales.
  • In the Insights dashboard and clock report itself, a user can set whether to include or exclude clock presales.
  • The settings screen has been made clearer.
  • The buyer overview can be exported.
  • Show number of pieces per product group or product code in Market View, if there are 3 or more different growers.
  • The column headers remain when scrolling the table of products in Market View.
  • Changes to own statistics:
    • If a period of more than 5 weeks is selected, show totals per week instead of per day.
    • The total line can optionally be added to a report.
    • Average is not shown as 0 if no pieces have been traded.
  • The number of units per unit has been added to the filter options in Daily report, Product overview and Buyer overview.
  • Export CSV has been improved:
    • Decimal separator is given well depending on language.
    • Grower number added to export.
    • Presale number instead of percentage.
  • Breakdown of Buyer overview into product variants now shows each variant of a product.
  • The user menu has been enlarged to show more organizations by default.

Update April 2020

  • Buyer overview with turnover and average price per buyer.
  • Export data from dashboard and statistics.
  • Summary line of the selected product group added to the table.
  • Maximum price per product added to Market View.
  • Select different date in dashboard by clicking in the graph.
  • Dashboard is more user friendly on smartphones.

Update March 2020

  • Standard Product overview in Statistics.
  • Direct orders made in weekend are displayed correctly, weekend is clearly recognizable in the graph.
  • Extra unsold/destroyed information added to dashboard (in totals and per lot).
  • More distinctive color palette used for charts.
  • With an expired subscription you will be automatically redirected to the registration page.
  • In self created reports in statistics, the data sets in the table are shown more clearly.
  • Breakdown in Market View to all characteristics as an option.

Update February 2020

  • Added filter option on quality, product color, packaging code and country of origin in Clock report.
  • The filter in the clock report remains visible on the screen when you scroll down.
  • Styling dashboard and clock report adjusted, more legible, slightly larger fonts for features.
  • Data of (clock) corrections are now properly delivered to Insights.
  • Direct orders added to the dashboard.
  • End of auctioning is now working correctly.
  • Presale price is shown in the dashboard.
  • Management of own statistics reports has been improved.

Update January 2020

  • New version of Market View:
    • Selection of product types based on 1 or more product groups.
    • Overview with product types can be sorted and filtered.
    • Adjustable number of product types in the graph and table.
  • Dashboard also shows the number of items per transaction type and location.
  • In statistics select separately from clock, clock presale and direct.
  • In statistics when selecting from a product group with auction-wide data, now all data and not just the own products within the group are shown.
  • Easier changing and selecting suppliers.
  • Mainaccoount can delete reports from others in the organization.
  • Added FAQ link to user menu.

Update December 2019

  • The lots at the bottom of the dashboard can be sorted and filtered.
  • A Notification apears when there is no data for selected date.
  • Statistics also shows a table with data.
  • In statistics you can create a dataset with your own direct orders as a filter, to be able to compare clock and direct.
  • Data selection in market image is made more user friendly.
  • Fixed bugs when deleting report, setting a different end date of the subscription and preventing location unknown in the location overview.

Update November 2019

  • The first version of the market picture for general price formation for producers and the price index has been realised.
  • Now you always create a new name in Statistics when creating a new report.
  • The dataset name will now be shown in the mouseover in Statistics.
  • In preview for Early Access user: a dashboard with a compact batch yield overview.

Update October 2019

  • It is possible to take a guided tour of Insights via Intercom (accessible via User menu).
  • Several changes have been made to the subscription page (including a green button to sign up).
  • A timeline event has been created on Floriday, with daily turnover per location after the auction ends and a link to Insights.
  • It is possible to terminate your subscription earlier (or later).
  • Several improvements to the dashboard.

Update September 2019

  • A new dashboard has been developed with direct-sales and clock-sales turnover figures. In addition, the dashboard offers a breakdown by location and the Top-5 buyers.
  • Data from the Rhein-Maas auction is now available through Insights, too.
  • It is possible to select multiple organizations, whereby all data from the organizations is collated in visuals.
  • In the auction group overview, extra characteristics are added to the own party.
  • Reports made by yourself and reports made by others have been split.

Update August 2019

  • Insights is now available in German, too.
  • Data from the auction location in Eelde is now also available in Insights and can be viewed in the clock report and statistics, among others.

Updates July 2019

  • In the clock report, you can now filter by sorting characteristics. Also, abbreviated product names have been introduced. The average price shown now excludes withdrawal. The Y-axis in the auction group diagram now always shows € sign in two decimals.
  • If data is missing from the statistics, the line in the graph is continued between the other measurement points, making the measurement points easier to view.

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